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Pittman Asphalt Maintenance is based in Holland, Michigan and we are proud to work with home owners & businesses across all communities in West Michigan.  We provide asphalt maintenance services designed to extend the life of your asphalt driveway. Our driveway paving services includes seal coating, asphalt patch repairs, and filling those annoying cracks that Michigan winters expose over time.  Call us today at (616) 786-2923 for a Free Estimate on any driveway paving service or Contact Us via email.

Our Driveway Paving Services


Asphalt Driveway Q&A

In our industry, we say “Cracks become Potholes, and Potholes become Craters”.  Fixing cracks  & potholes are minor expenses versus the eventual cost of replacing your entire driveway.   Businesses have done the case studies and found it’s much cheaper in the long run to have a maintenance program in place for their parking lots.  We encourage homeowners to do the same.

There’s three primary reasons to fill asphalt cracks:

  • Prevents water from getting to the underlying structure
  • Prevents vegatation, grass, or weeds from causing further damage
  • Can help prevent tripping or stumbling

Preparation is the most important step in this process as well the temperature when sealing is done.  In certain instances, cracks may need to be routed while larger cracks can just be cleaned.  Once everything is cleaned, a sealant will be used to fill the crack.

Patching can be done in four forms.

1) Saw Cut Patches – involves the removal of the entire section and is considered a longer term fix.

2) Milling – involves milling 1.5 inches off, clean tack coat, replacing with new 1.5 inches of asphalt.  This is considered a longer term fix.

3) Overlay Patches – involves putting a fresh layer of asphalt over the problem area and is considered an interim fix.

4) Pot Hole Fills – involves cleaning out the hole with a wire wheel and simply filling it with an asphalt patch. This is also considered a short-term fix.


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